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After completing my degree in 2007 I began offering massage through group owned spa and alongside area Chiropractors. I have come to prefer Therapeutic Massage, a modality that is specific to the release of muscle tension. The core cause of the tension needs to be localized, isolated and then released. I have been practicing this type of massage exclusively for 2 years with Total Health associated with Stillwater Medical Center. With treatments that are tailored to each clients health needs, massage can be integrated with many other preventative health treatments and physical therapy programs to improve healing after injury. Massage also improves physical and mental health through the release of tension.

Massage Therapy is my dream career. From the time I was quite young I knew that I wanted to help heal people with Massage Therapy. I am blessed to be one of the people that get to do what they truly enjoy as their career, and believe you will see when you get your massage that it is truly my gift.

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