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Service:Awaken The Joy 10mL add another, change

If you are feeling sad, discouraged, or gloomy apply a drop of Awaken the Joy Spa Blend under each ear as a perfume. When “gloom is in the air” in your environment, place 3-6 drops in a room diffuser or on cotton balls around in the room or around your house to lift your outlook and that of those in your environment. Ginger is cheering, warming to the emotions, stimulating yet grounding. Bergamot while cooling and refreshing, has a sedative yet uplifting characteristic that is excellent for anxiety, depression, or nervous tension. Nutmeg invigorates and activates the mind. Basil calms emotions, has an uplifting effect on depression, sharpens the senses and encourages concentration. Lavender has a stabilizing, positive effect on emotions as it soothes exhaustion and anxiety, resulting in a calmer, more balanced nervous system. Geranium also has an uplifting, balancing action on the mind and emotions that brings balance in time of anxiety and depression. Ylang Ylang calms and relaxes the nerves, eases feelings of anger, anxiety, fear and panic resulting in feelings of joy. Frankincense is comforting, refreshing and soothing to the mind through its action that encourages slower deeper breathing. It is considered to be especially beneficial in situations of long term or chronic situations and issues.

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